• Makeup Maintainance

    Makeup Maintainance Tips – What Happens To Your Makeup Post The Expiry Date?

    Can anything be more heart-breaking than throwing away your precious makeup even when handsome amounts of the same is left behind? We bet not but when it passes the expiry date, it simply does not remain safe for being used anymore. Today we are going to take you through what actually happens to the chemical composition of these cosmetics when they cross over their shelf life. Every single beauty product come with a PAO or Period After Opening symbol printed on its packaging which reveals how long the product will last once you have opened the same. You can write it down on the product label or stick a sticker…

  • Personal care products

    A Look At The Magnets Of Personal Care Products Industry

    The personal care industry undergoes rhetoric changes every now and then to be in sync with the demands of customers. These revolutionary changes cater to specific problems such as hair fall, acne and many more by making beauty and personal hygiene affordable for mass usage. Today we are going to take a look at some of the pioneers of personal care products industry who have been leading the way with their innovative offerings. L’Oreal Paris This leader of cosmetic and personal care industry was established back in 1909 with is headquarter in France. Some of their most popular brands are Softsheen, Garnier and Maybelline New York. L’Oreal has been branded…

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