• Experts tips for eyes pop out

    Expert Techniques Of Making Your Eyes Pop Out Using Makeup

    Eyes is the very first thing we notice in a person. Thus, it won’t be an overstatement to say how important eyes are in accentuating your overall look. Disney princesses be it Ariel, Jasmine or Belle had forever been our beauty inspirations specially because of their huge doe-eyes. This universal beauty standard had gained rapid popularity over the years whether among the creators of anime queens or masters of makeup.  People having bigger eyes can actually look younger than their peers as it takes away years from your face. But only a few of us are born with such naturally gorgeous eyes. For the rest of us there exists innumerable…

  • Eyebrows like a pro

    Expert Tips Of Taming Those Bushy Eyebrows Like An Absolute Pro

    The latest Vogue cover shoot by Rihanna might signal thin brows making a comeback but that cannot dampen the spirits of ladies having big bold brows who would like to keep it that way. Ladies who are naturally blessed with full eyebrows don’t have to spend much time in front of the mirror filling it up using eyebrow pencil as for them the makeup routine holds an entirely different definition. They just need to enhance their natural shape and keep it well-groomed at all times. Today we are going to take you through some tips and tricks of taming your eyebrows to perfection especially if they are bushy like Cara…

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