• Jeniffer Lopez Footwear

    Jennifer Lopez Sets Tongue Wagging With Her “Falling Off” Footwear

    JLo has for hogged the headlines of fashion magazines with her ravishing sartorial choices and exquisite style which often ends up breaking the Internet and making the Netizens go gaga over her fashion choices.   The Shall We Dance star gave fashionistas worldwide much to talk about as she attended the MTV Studios and Music Choice HQ in New York City wearing knee-high heeled Versace boots which were adorned with a black belt detailing at the hem as well as sewn up pockets. This literally caused an Internet meltdown as the pictures became viral instantaneously with some even exercising their own creativity to come up with hilarious memes regarding the…

  • SJP-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Bridal-Collection

    Balance Out Comfort And Practicality With The Brand New SJP Bridal Wear Launched By Our Sex And The City Darling

    The vivacious Sarah Jessica Parker had portrayed the role of Carrie Bradshaw which such finesse in Sex And The City that the character had become a part of us. In the first high-pressure silver screen wedding attempt, she wore an OTT ruched Vivienne Westwood gown while a no-brand suit became her pick when she finally walked down the path of happily ever after with Mrs. Big. Coming back to real life, this fashion Moghul created a storm by wearing black on her wedding day. Thus, it was only obvious for her very first bridal line to evoke an aura of minimalistic modernism as she pairs up jumpsuits, bodysuits and ankle…

  • Hollywood

    Hollywood A-Listers Merge Boho-Chic With Sheer And Crochet To Create Effervescent Coachella Vibes In 2018

    As the former members of Destiny’s Child reunited to light up the Coachella stage, Instagram and other social media feeds were flooded with high-end fashion photographs of queen bees showcasing the best of their street style wardrobe in the musical extravaganza organised under the Californian sun. From denim jackets to camo-prints and bandanas, the Coachella was all about breaking free and setting the path for the hottest summer trends. Today we have compiled some of the best celebrity moments from the Coachella 2018 festival which can surely serve as fashion goals for your next spring break party. Amber Rose The American model and actress showcased her womanly curves in the…

  • trendy clothes for women

    Barge Out Of That Lazy Girl Tag With These Easy Sweatpants Styling Hacks Recommended By Our Experts

    Don’t we often reminisce over the good old college days when we could laze around the dormitory in the super comfy sweatpants! With zero worries about the fashion police scrutinising our every single move, we could slip into these comfort wears which got us covered during everything ranging from the morning jog to the midnight gossip sessions. Fashion as we know evolves parallel with our changing viewpoints and requirements. Maybe this was the biggest cause of evolution of our go-to attire into a ramp-ready garment which has been sported to perfection by celebrities whether they are hitting the gym or catching a late-night flight. While heading to work Keep it…

  • Halloween cosutmes for women

    8 Iconic Female Hollywood Characters To Inspire Your Halloween Dressing Style

    Halloween is that one time when the fashion police actually awards brownie points to the ones dressed like a wannabe Harley Queens. It is that part of the year when people deck up in their tackiest best to celebrate the spirit of eerie surroundings. So, whether you are thinking of casting a spell like Miss Granger of Harry Potters or stunning people with your Wonder Woman avatar, you are bound to get spoilt for choices while picking up the ultimate Halloween gear. And in case of doubt, you can readily take cue from our favourite Hollywood divas who never fail to make it to the page 3 headlines with their…

  • mens summer fashion

    How To Keep Your Cool And Dress Like The Ultimate Heartthrob This Summer

    Keeping the fashion police satiated during summer months is surely not an easy nut to crack. But that’s where our designers come in to fill the lacuna with top-edge styles and patterns which is bound to leave you feeling all easy-breezy while you step out to brave the scorching heat outdoors. Taking cue from the mens summer fashion of top Hollywood heartthrobs who never fail to mesmerize us with their trend-setting style statements, we have compiled the ultimate hit-list to help you make your fashion prowess felt even before summer officially arrives with a bang. Printed Shirts You can choose from an array of polka dot, abstract and floral print…

  • halloween costumes for men

    Halloween Dressing Inspirations For The Swanky Millennial Man

    Halloween nights bring along an eccentric symphony in between pagan folklore and Christian traditions when our favourite superhero mingles with the evil clowns and french maids to have a blast together. Such is the magical aura of the Halloween night that it purges us from the banalities of our mundane life by transforming us into mythical creatures and characters. Going by the old saying, it is that one night when you can be any and everything you wish to become. Today we will take a look at the best Halloween dressing inspirations we can take from our Hollywood heroes and villains for nailing the spooky yet charming look in style.…

  • Summer Clothes For Women

    10 Hottest Summer 2018 Trends You Need To Stock Up Your Closet With

    The designer houses have already done their job of showcasing the hottest trends in the big fashion weeks held at New York, Milan, London and Paris. Now it is time for us to decide upon our summer wardrobe so that we can stay comfortable without losing out points in the fashion game. We saw a large array of fabrics having a simple feel making them perfect summer attires to keep it all blissfully cool. Fringes, embellishments and sequins also came in plenty to keep up with the fun element in dressing style. Keeping such things in mind, we have compiled a list of top 10 trends which are expected to…

  • Sweat Out In Style With The Right Gym Gear Tailor Made For Your Body Type

    It becomes a lot easier to hit the gym if you have the cool company of some stylish workout gears. Ranging from essential bottoms to high-performance tops and sports bras, the gym gear segment has developed into a fashion industry in its own right. So, whether you wish to add some dash of colour in that neon sports bra or start your day on a monochrome palette with some knee-length jogging pants, you are bound to get spoilt for choice with the innumerable options in workout clothes for women. And then there also exists the pre and post workout clothes which you wear while travelling in between the gym studio…

  • Plus size clothes for women

    Curvy Tinsel Town Divas Who Know How To Flaunt It In Style

    If you thought that only the skinny models from the glamour magazines could serve as your fashion gurus, then it’s time to reconsider your perspective. In the bubble of fashion world, it was once a bit tough to access coveted plus size apparels. But the modern-day fashion police have broadened their perspective to inculcate the curvalicious beauties within their fashion radar who are actually marching past the size zero brigade with much sass. Today we shall talk about some flattering ladies who are imparting a sexy makeover to plus size clothes for women with their elegance and attitude. Be it grocery shopping or red carpet entry, the personal style of…

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