• work clothes for women

    Dressing Tips For The Hotshot Corporate Ladies Who Know How To Finish Off A Meeting In Style

    The way you dress can have a great impact on your overall personality. In certain industries, such as garments and hospitality, dressing serves as a focal point since the last thing we all want is to come off as a salesgirl who looks like an overstocked Christmas tree. Work clothes for women should be such that it does not upstage the event or person whom you are supposed to meet with. At the end of the day, we all would like to be remembered for our business acumen rather than a see-through lacy top and flashing stilettos. Excess skin-show will not get you further ahead and can even tarnish your…

  • Halloween cosutmes for women

    8 Iconic Female Hollywood Characters To Inspire Your Halloween Dressing Style

    Halloween is that one time when the fashion police actually awards brownie points to the ones dressed like a wannabe Harley Queens. It is that part of the year when people deck up in their tackiest best to celebrate the spirit of eerie surroundings. So, whether you are thinking of casting a spell like Miss Granger of Harry Potters or stunning people with your Wonder Woman avatar, you are bound to get spoilt for choices while picking up the ultimate Halloween gear. And in case of doubt, you can readily take cue from our favourite Hollywood divas who never fail to make it to the page 3 headlines with their…

  • Sweat Out In Style With The Right Gym Gear Tailor Made For Your Body Type

    It becomes a lot easier to hit the gym if you have the cool company of some stylish workout gears. Ranging from essential bottoms to high-performance tops and sports bras, the gym gear segment has developed into a fashion industry in its own right. So, whether you wish to add some dash of colour in that neon sports bra or start your day on a monochrome palette with some knee-length jogging pants, you are bound to get spoilt for choice with the innumerable options in workout clothes for women. And then there also exists the pre and post workout clothes which you wear while travelling in between the gym studio…

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