• layered-necklaces

    Tips To Layer Your Neckpieces Like A Pro

    Ranging from chunky gold chains to retro pendants paired up with dainty chokers, fashionistas around the globe are swearing by this brand-new trend of layering their necklaces for nailing that super-cool look which is even being sported by B-town divas on their red-carpet affairs. Getting bang on style like a skilled fashionista is not easy. But coupled with our expert tips, you can do just the same as you take your pick amongst the wide array of textures, colors, designs or lengths. At the end of the day, you look should not be over-the-top and need to make it look like as if it has been put together within just…

  • trendy clothes for women

    Barge Out Of That Lazy Girl Tag With These Easy Sweatpants Styling Hacks Recommended By Our Experts

    Don’t we often reminisce over the good old college days when we could laze around the dormitory in the super comfy sweatpants! With zero worries about the fashion police scrutinising our every single move, we could slip into these comfort wears which got us covered during everything ranging from the morning jog to the midnight gossip sessions. Fashion as we know evolves parallel with our changing viewpoints and requirements. Maybe this was the biggest cause of evolution of our go-to attire into a ramp-ready garment which has been sported to perfection by celebrities whether they are hitting the gym or catching a late-night flight. While heading to work Keep it…

  • Summer Clothes For Women

    10 Hottest Summer 2018 Trends You Need To Stock Up Your Closet With

    The designer houses have already done their job of showcasing the hottest trends in the big fashion weeks held at New York, Milan, London and Paris. Now it is time for us to decide upon our summer wardrobe so that we can stay comfortable without losing out points in the fashion game. We saw a large array of fabrics having a simple feel making them perfect summer attires to keep it all blissfully cool. Fringes, embellishments and sequins also came in plenty to keep up with the fun element in dressing style. Keeping such things in mind, we have compiled a list of top 10 trends which are expected to…

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