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Balance Out Comfort And Practicality With The Brand New SJP Bridal Wear Launched By Our Sex And The City Darling

The vivacious Sarah Jessica Parker had portrayed the role of Carrie Bradshaw which such finesse in Sex And The City that the character had become a part of us. In the first high-pressure silver screen wedding attempt, she wore an OTT ruched Vivienne Westwood gown while a no-brand suit became her pick when she finally walked down the path of happily ever after with Mrs. Big.

Coming back to real life, this fashion Moghul created a storm by wearing black on her wedding day. Thus, it was only obvious for her very first bridal line to evoke an aura of minimalistic modernism as she pairs up jumpsuits, bodysuits and ankle boots for the bride who strives to be different.


The fashion maven’s brand SJP Collection has dropped a ten-piece collection in collaboration with Gilt, an American online shopping site with prices ranging from £2,398 for a church-ready gown to £296 for a bowback bodysuit available in 0 to 14 sizes.

Gilt And Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrate Exclusive Bridal Collection

Meant for the “non-traditional” bride, the dresses crafted using high-end fabrics sourced from Italy, Spain and France are available in hues of white, black, poppy, blush, blue and light grey with feather embellishments, intricate embroidery and bows for being worn to perfection from the hen night up till wedding reception.

Gilt And Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrate Exclusive Bridal Collection

“Collaborating with Gilt on my first bridal ready-to-wear collection was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The team there is brilliant and allowed me to be imaginative and take risks as I was designing for the non-traditional bride. It has been quite fun to play around with colours, fabrics and details to create unique pieces for all kinds of brides,” Sarah Jessica Parker revealed in a statement.


Gilt shall also stock 15 complementary foot wears from her SJP bridal shoes Collection ranging from $350 to $485 to help the ladies complete their wedding look. Well known silhouettes including the Fawn and Cosette will form a part of the SJP footwear range in an array of heel heights and exclusive colourways.

SJP Guilt Bridal Shoes

These incredibly glam pieces designed by the stellar fashion savant can be purchased through Gilt’s site online. Although the line-up includes certain glamorous pieces such as a milky white floor-length gown, the ultimate aim remains to spoil the wannabe brides with simple summery dresses which can be more than just a one-time stunner.


She promptly replied that, “The more we embrace all our differences and encourage women to be themselves and to tell their own story…If they want to wear a poppy satin shoe on their wedding day, so be it, or they want to wear Converse high-tops, so be it,” when asked to comment about the trendsetting and risqué attires donned by the modern-day brides. We sincerely hope that you continue with the great work Ma’am as we add a dash of quirk to our closet inspired by your standout looks.


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